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Mother - Daughter Therapy Coaching
visit webiste www.rosjke.com

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Services focused on using sound therapy and music
visit website www.healthysound.com

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Kefir Live

Jazz singer with her jazz band in Sussex.
visit website www.kefirlive.co.uk

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The British Academy Of Sound Therapy

Improving health & wellbeing with therapeutic sound & music visit www.britishacademyofsoundtherapy.com

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London Credit Management College

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College
visit website www.lpcredit.co.uk

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NLB Forum

An organisation for facilitating & promoting trade & investment visit website www.nlbforum.co.uk

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Scorpion Automotive

UK designer, manufacturer & supplier of vehicle security - visit website www.scorpionauto.com

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Pear Tree Well

Locally sourced natural mineral water,
visit website www.peartreewell.co.uk

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Spirits R Free

view website www.spiritsrfree.com

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Lyz Cooper

Award winning author working in Holistic Health using sound therapy. visit website www.lyzcooper.com

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CBS Credit

Providing credit and business information services on Nigerian Companies visit www.cbscreditglobal.com

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Guitar Clubs

Independent Music Service dedicated to teaching the guitar. view website www.guitarclubs.co.uk

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The DK Foundation

Offers esoteric astrology teaching and services,
visit website www.dkfoundation.co.uk

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ICA Nigeria

Institute of Credit Administration
visit website www.icanigeria.net

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Postgraduate School of Credit (PSCFM)

Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management www.postgraduatecreditschool.net/

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