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A database driven site incorporating a content management system can allow clients to update website content in real-time themselves. (Click here for simple demo). Two major advantages to content management systems are that the client can update pre-identified areas of their website without the need of web designers, thus there are no additional costs and updates are instant. The client has extensive control over content and also when it is to become visible to the public.

At the heart of any well-designed website lies an efficient database; essential for robust dynamic sites. Using our current suite of development tools (Visual Basic, Access, SQL Server, SQL) we also develop desktop and network database solutions for our clients. The applications for such databases are almost limitless, spanning inventory management tools, customer contact databases through to sales forecasting applications.

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It is our intention to provide you with whatever service suits your needs. We will check availability of a domain name of your preference, and help to find a hosting plan that offers all the features necessary to accommodate your website\'s requirements, whether you operate a small personal website or a full featured e-commerce website.

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